Hoshin Kanri: How important is the success of the Lean journey of personal transformation for the leader?

Project organizations are globally facing challenges for satisfying local communities through allocation of higher financial resources on hard infrastructure and development programs, to be sure, when lean is done well, it IS a skills and human development activity, also, proven success in safety, quality and delivery improvements, cost reduction, and customer experience and success improvement.

Strategic System

Hoshin Kanri is a method of strategic planning and a tool for managing complex projects, a quality operating system geared to ensuring that organizations faithfully translate the voice of the customer into new products, and a business operating system that ensures reliable profit growth, studies show that it improves financial performance, helps attract and retain talent, drives strategy execution, and increases success in navigating change. To say nothing of, recognized authority on strategic planning and lean business systems based on the method of policy management (hoshin kanri).

Competitive Organization

The effective change leader must be able to marshal the resources and competencies necessary to support the change, adapt to challenges, and keep the change project on schedule and in budget, with respect to lean thinking, the objective for your organization is to respond to customer requirements while establishing an optimum market price for its products and services, also, leadership development is of crucial importance in creating competitive business advantage.

Done Operations

Furthermore, the involvement of employees in daily improvements is also critical for the success of implementation, leyour organization achieves its goals through the application of time-tested techniques and tools, backed by your organization philosophical foundation of continuous improvement and learning. Equally important, your lean experts have helped by engaging front line staff and leadership to focus on where the work is done for opportunities to improve operations.

Wider Value

Simple changes in the value-adding process produce multiple ways to improve financial results, hoshin kanri is in fact nothing more than a turning of the PDCA cycle and at the level of business planning, furthermore, insight into the business implications of lean thinking to the wider enterprise and supply chain.

Complete Leadership

Once a leadership team has a transformative mission with a vision, lean literature is loaded with collaborative methods like hoshin kanri to align everyone, akin are usually middle and senior managers and you can include the team leaders that have shown great potential, also, put a clear emphasis on the most important initiatives that you need to complete.

Massive Deployment

And the mission should be transformative, much livelier than a platitude from a stagnant organization just trying to keep cash flow, policy deployment, also called hoshin kanri planning, is an important tool in getting everyone on board, also, managers and leaders play a massive part in the success of the change story, the ability to role model, encourage, set expectations and remove barriers will help the team succeed.

Different Levels

Engaged leadership is arguably the most important determinant of success when it comes to creating a culture of continuous improvement, as you all know, standard work is important in ensuring process stability and it also serves as a baseline for kaizen or continuous improvement. Along with, in a nutshell, hoshin kanri allows you to focus on whats truly important to the success of the business and to transform your organization goals into actionable items that people at different levels can tackle.

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