Top 130 Customer Analytics Criteria for Ready Action

What is involved in Customer Analytics

Find out what the related areas are that Customer Analytics connects with, associates with, correlates with or affects, and which require thought, deliberation, analysis, review and discussion. This unique checklist stands out in a sense that it is not per-se designed to give answers, but to engage the reader and lay out a Customer Analytics thinking-frame.

How far is your company on its Customer Analytics journey?

Take this short survey to gauge your organization’s progress toward Customer Analytics leadership. Learn your strongest and weakest areas, and what you can do now to create a strategy that delivers results.

To address the criteria in this checklist for your organization, extensive selected resources are provided for sources of further research and information.

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Below you will find a quick checklist designed to help you think about which Customer Analytics related domains to cover and 130 essential critical questions to check off in that domain.

The following domains are covered:

Customer Analytics, Business analytics, Buyer decision processes, Consumer behaviour, Consumer profile, Credit card, Customer Relationship Management, Customer behavior, Customer data management, Customer privacy, Data clustering, Data mining, Data warehouse, Decision support system, Direct marketing, Lifestyle, Loyalty card, Magazine subscription, Market segment, Mattersight Corporation, Predictive analytics, Predictive model, Psychographic, Psychographics, Site selection, Survey, Voter registration:

Customer Analytics Critical Criteria:

Reorganize Customer Analytics risks and document what potential Customer Analytics megatrends could make our business model obsolete.

– Think about the kind of project structure that would be appropriate for your Customer Analytics project. should it be formal and complex, or can it be less formal and relatively simple?

– What knowledge, skills and characteristics mark a good Customer Analytics project manager?

– What tools and technologies are needed for a custom Customer Analytics project?

Business analytics Critical Criteria:

Administer Business analytics tasks and tour deciding if Business analytics progress is made.

– Think about the functions involved in your Customer Analytics project. what processes flow from these functions?

– what is the most effective tool for Statistical Analysis Business Analytics and Business Intelligence?

– What is the difference between business intelligence business analytics and data mining?

– Is there a mechanism to leverage information for business analytics and optimization?

– Is the Customer Analytics organization completing tasks effectively and efficiently?

– What is the difference between business intelligence and business analytics?

– what is the difference between Data analytics and Business Analytics If Any?

– How do you pick an appropriate ETL tool or business analytics tool?

– What are the trends shaping the future of business analytics?

– Are there Customer Analytics Models?

Buyer decision processes Critical Criteria:

Review Buyer decision processes results and ask questions.

– How do your measurements capture actionable Customer Analytics information for use in exceeding your customers expectations and securing your customers engagement?

– How will we insure seamless interoperability of Customer Analytics moving forward?

Consumer behaviour Critical Criteria:

Scan Consumer behaviour leadership and finalize specific methods for Consumer behaviour acceptance.

– Do we cover the five essential competencies-Communication, Collaboration,Innovation, Adaptability, and Leadership that improve an organizations ability to leverage the new Customer Analytics in a volatile global economy?

– Are there any easy-to-implement alternatives to Customer Analytics? Sometimes other solutions are available that do not require the cost implications of a full-blown project?

– Does Customer Analytics analysis isolate the fundamental causes of problems?

Consumer profile Critical Criteria:

Closely inspect Consumer profile decisions and look at it backwards.

– How do you determine the key elements that affect Customer Analytics workforce satisfaction? how are these elements determined for different workforce groups and segments?

– How likely is the current Customer Analytics plan to come in on schedule or on budget?

Credit card Critical Criteria:

Deliberate over Credit card issues and prioritize challenges of Credit card.

– At what point will vulnerability assessments be performed once Customer Analytics is put into production (e.g., ongoing Risk Management after implementation)?

– If credit card payments are accepted, do we currently have a payment gateway?

– What are the record-keeping requirements of Customer Analytics activities?

– What are all of our Customer Analytics domains and what do they do?

– Will mobile payments ever replace credit cards?

Customer Relationship Management Critical Criteria:

Adapt Customer Relationship Management failures and budget the knowledge transfer for any interested in Customer Relationship Management.

– Did a better profile of customers arise from the implementation of CRM, or from something that the account manager did differently, or from pure luck?

– What platforms are you unable to measure accurately, or able to provide only limited measurements from?

– Do we understand our clients business drivers, financial metrics, buying process and decision criteria?

– It is often said that CRMs complexity is due to its quantity of functions. How do we handle this?

– Is there a minimum set of languages that need to be covered by translation services?

– Do you have the capability to measure cost per lead or cost per acquisition?

– Is the difference between calls offered and calls answered abandoned calls?

– Is there an iphone app for mobile scrm or customer relationship management?

– Have you identified your Customer Analytics key performance indicators?

– Which business environmental factors did lead to our use of CRM?

– Can you identify your customers when they visit your website?

– How does CRM impact the company s bottom line or performance?

– Is it easy for your visitors or customers to contact you?

– What is the recovery time objective for the application?

– How can mobile users access services transparently?

– What are some of the future directions of CRM?

– What should we do about motivation theory?

– Where is the ROI in CRM?

– What happens to reports?

– When do they buy?

Customer behavior Critical Criteria:

Experiment with Customer behavior management and innovate what needs to be done with Customer behavior.

– When a Customer Analytics manager recognizes a problem, what options are available?

– How to deal with Customer Analytics Changes?

Customer data management Critical Criteria:

Mix Customer data management visions and raise human resource and employment practices for Customer data management.

– How do we go about Comparing Customer Analytics approaches/solutions?

– Do we have past Customer Analytics Successes?

Customer privacy Critical Criteria:

Merge Customer privacy tactics and diversify disclosure of information – dealing with confidential Customer privacy information.

– Describe the companys current practices that are used to protect proprietary information and customer privacy and personal information. Does the company have an information classification and handling policy?

– Which customers cant participate in our Customer Analytics domain because they lack skills, wealth, or convenient access to existing solutions?

– Who needs to know about Customer Analytics ?

Data clustering Critical Criteria:

Do a round table on Data clustering leadership and reduce Data clustering costs.

– How do we Identify specific Customer Analytics investment and emerging trends?

– What are specific Customer Analytics Rules to follow?

– What threat is Customer Analytics addressing?

Data mining Critical Criteria:

Merge Data mining issues and sort Data mining activities.

– Do you see the need to clarify copyright aspects of the data-driven innovation (e.g. with respect to technologies such as text and data mining)?

– What types of transactional activities and data mining are being used and where do we see the greatest potential benefits?

– What is the difference between Data Analytics Data Analysis Data Mining and Data Science?

– What new services of functionality will be implemented next with Customer Analytics ?

– Meeting the challenge: are missed Customer Analytics opportunities costing us money?

– Is business intelligence set to play a key role in the future of Human Resources?

– What are the Key enablers to make this Customer Analytics move?

– What programs do we have to teach data mining?

Data warehouse Critical Criteria:

Study Data warehouse governance and create Data warehouse explanations for all managers.

– What tier data server has been identified for the storage of decision support data contained in a data warehouse?

– What does a typical data warehouse and business intelligence organizational structure look like?

– Does big data threaten the traditional data warehouse business intelligence model stack?

– Is data warehouseing necessary for our business intelligence service?

– Is Data Warehouseing necessary for a business intelligence service?

– What is the difference between a database and data warehouse?

– What is the purpose of data warehouses and data marts?

– What are alternatives to building a data warehouse?

– Do we offer a good introduction to data warehouse?

– Data Warehouse versus Data Lake (Data Swamp)?

– How do we go about Securing Customer Analytics?

– What are current Customer Analytics Paradigms?

– Do you still need a data warehouse?

– Centralized data warehouse?

Decision support system Critical Criteria:

Nurse Decision support system decisions and maintain Decision support system for success.

– Do those selected for the Customer Analytics team have a good general understanding of what Customer Analytics is all about?

– A heuristic, a decision support system, or new practices to improve current project management?

Direct marketing Critical Criteria:

Consolidate Direct marketing quality and cater for concise Direct marketing education.

– Who will be responsible for deciding whether Customer Analytics goes ahead or not after the initial investigations?

– Are there any disadvantages to implementing Customer Analytics? There might be some that are less obvious?

– What are your most important goals for the strategic Customer Analytics objectives?

Lifestyle Critical Criteria:

Grasp Lifestyle visions and separate what are the business goals Lifestyle is aiming to achieve.

– As an example; there are all kinds of innovative new applications and devices that promise to enable the connected home and vehicle, smart city and lifestyle, but how do we define what is IoT and what is not?

– How do you incorporate cycle time, productivity, cost control, and other efficiency and effectiveness factors into these Customer Analytics processes?

– How do we measure improved Customer Analytics service perception, and satisfaction?

Loyalty card Critical Criteria:

Grasp Loyalty card governance and pay attention to the small things.

– How do we Lead with Customer Analytics in Mind?

– Are we Assessing Customer Analytics and Risk?

– How to Secure Customer Analytics?

Magazine subscription Critical Criteria:

Guide Magazine subscription issues and assess and formulate effective operational and Magazine subscription strategies.

Market segment Critical Criteria:

Jump start Market segment tasks and pioneer acquisition of Market segment systems.

– Users increasingly demand from web sites the ability to get information that is customized to their interests and needs. Many web sites now tailor their content through the use of architectures designed to support multiple audience types, or through technologies that allow users to profile their personal interests. These kinds of sites demonstrate that their designers are sensitive to the fact the users arent all the same. Besides the influence of users, marketing efforts have driven this trend to a large degree: why present general information to the broadest audience (e.g., trying to sell tobacco products to everyone, including the antismoking activists) when you can target information to prequalified market segments (e.g., selling expensive cigars to yuppies)?

– As a CSP undertakes to build out or take a fresh look at its service offerings, the CSP should clearly define its business strategy and related risk management philosophy. What market segments or industries does the CSP intend to serve?

– To what extent will this product open up new market segments (e.g., industry lines, customer groups, geographical areas) that may be valuable also for other product lines?

– How do you identify and anticipate how requirements and changing expectations will differ across CUSTOMERS, CUSTOMER groups, and market SEGMENTS and across the CUSTOMER life cycle?

– Can we establish a new market segmentation strategy focused on potential profitability and willingness to purchase?

– Which of the market segments will be the target market for this campaign?

– What market segments or industries does the CSP intend to serve?

– How do we Improve Customer Analytics service perception, and satisfaction?

– What market segment(s) are served by the company?

Mattersight Corporation Critical Criteria:

Steer Mattersight Corporation quality and visualize why should people listen to you regarding Mattersight Corporation.

– Are we making progress? and are we making progress as Customer Analytics leaders?

– How will you know that the Customer Analytics project has been successful?

– Think of your Customer Analytics project. what are the main functions?

Predictive analytics Critical Criteria:

Be clear about Predictive analytics failures and develop and take control of the Predictive analytics initiative.

– What are direct examples that show predictive analytics to be highly reliable?

– How does the organization define, manage, and improve its Customer Analytics processes?

– How much does Customer Analytics help?

Predictive model Critical Criteria:

Analyze Predictive model adoptions and get the big picture.

– What are the key elements of your Customer Analytics performance improvement system, including your evaluation, organizational learning, and innovation processes?

– As we develop increasing numbers of predictive models, then we have to figure out how do you pick the targets, how do you optimize the models?

– Are you currently using predictive modeling to drive results?

– Is Customer Analytics Required?

Psychographic Critical Criteria:

Reconstruct Psychographic engagements and overcome Psychographic skills and management ineffectiveness.

– what is the best design framework for Customer Analytics organization now that, in a post industrial-age if the top-down, command and control model is no longer relevant?

– What are the disruptive Customer Analytics technologies that enable our organization to radically change our business processes?

– Will Customer Analytics deliverables need to be tested and, if so, by whom?

Psychographics Critical Criteria:

Administer Psychographics failures and know what your objective is.

– What are the success criteria that will indicate that Customer Analytics objectives have been met and the benefits delivered?

Site selection Critical Criteria:

Deliberate over Site selection risks and adjust implementation of Site selection.

– Consider your own Customer Analytics project. what types of organizational problems do you think might be causing or affecting your problem, based on the work done so far?

– How do we ensure that implementations of Customer Analytics products are done in a way that ensures safety?

– To what extent does management recognize Customer Analytics as a tool to increase the results?

Survey Critical Criteria:

Define Survey visions and gather Survey models .

– What are 3rd party licenses integrated with the current CRM, for example Email Marketing, Travel Planner, e-newsletter, search engine, surveys, reporting/trend analysis, e-Commerce, etc.?

– What are 3rd party licenses integrated, for example Email Marketing, Travel Planner, e-newsletter, search engine, surveys, reporting/trend analysis, e-Commerce, etc.?

– If a survey was done with asking organizations; Is there a line between your information technology department and your information security department?

– Do we plan to assess employees reactions to change (via surveys, focus groups, etc.)?

– Does our organization need more Customer Analytics education?

– Does a User interface survey show which search ui is better ?

– What is a routine sanitary survey?

– Why are Customer Analytics skills important?

Voter registration Critical Criteria:

Group Voter registration projects and describe the risks of Voter registration sustainability.

– For your Customer Analytics project, identify and describe the business environment. is there more than one layer to the business environment?

– What role does communication play in the success or failure of a Customer Analytics project?


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